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May 13, 2012

Holiday Heaven?

So, the time has come for my husband and I to start the talk of the “holiday“. Talk of new destinations and are we a package-style family, or shall we explore the Britain we never do? It all comes into the mix. Then we come to the subject of remembering holidays past. Since our daughter came along, we’ve noticed a huge difference in how we plan a holiday. Gone are the days of throwing some clothes into a carrier bag, filling up the car with our daily junk needs and going with the flow. Holidays have a different meaning to us now.

It got me to thinking of our first big holiday as a family. We played it safe and went to France, where my husband had found a lovely little campsite. As we turned up, the sun was shining and we did our best to not look like “camp virgins”, while putting up our rather huge family-sized tent. It was a tense hour with the husband and I trying to complete the task without too many cross words! Eventually, we did it and when we stood back and admired our new home for the week, we were all very pleased. We had smiles on our faces until the second night when the rain started, and it came down for the rest of the week. We had slight moments of sun, when we would frantically try to dry kit and clothes, or run to the indoor pool…. but the majority of our week was spent with wet feet and with sodden clothes hanging from a make-shift clothes line inside the tent.

At the time, we thought it was a rather rubbish holiday but, looking back, we had a great holiday which has given us some brilliant family memories. It was quite cosy listening to the rain on the canvas outside, while being cuddled up as snug as bugs in our coccoon sleeping bags… (bless you, Rab, whoever you are). My talented husband created the perfect spaghetti Bolognese, while wearing a black bag and with a cleverly-tied umbrella hanging from a tree. My daughter learnt to swim underwater, as we spend all our time in the heated indoor pool. We remembered hunting for cockles at a beautiful beach and then having the pleasure of a steaming bowl of cockles with a crisp, cold white wine, later that same evening…. listening to the storm outside!

It didn’t really matter about the rain, wet feet and cold mornings because, looking back, we really do have some brilliant family memories. Even the bad ones we can now laugh at, with the passage of time!!

So, I guess the question for you is, what are the unique ingredients that make a holiday a pleasured memory for you and your family?

8 thoughts on “Holiday Heaven?

  1. TheBoyandMe says:

    We tried to fly a kite earlier today at Southerndown (as it’s on my 5 things to do before he’s 3 list) but it was too windy and we argued. The kite broke and The Boy almost fell in the stream, as did I. However, even now I’m looking back at it and smiling because he was having great fun running around trying to catch the tail, falling over up the hill and rolling down it, and crossing the stream was fun. It’s strange how the passing of time allows you to soft-focus the rubbishy bits.

    The bits that make a holiday a pleasured memory for me are time to spend together and learn new things, a chance to laugh and grow, the ability to relax with the ones you love.

    (Please tell me he was wearing something other than a black bag?!)

    1. TheBoyandMe says:

      Just to say, I’ve tweeted the link to your blog a few times 😉

    2. wildwear says:

      Hi, glad its not just us with the ‘fall outs’ while spending time together as a family, and yes he was wearing shorts and t-shirt under his ‘outdoor gucci’ black bag!! It is a trend that could catch on.

  2. Carla says:

    Perfect holiday? Exactly that. Memories made.
    Oh and welcome to the world of blogging – be careful it’s addictive!

  3. Pippa says:

    We just went on a dream family holiday in January as my husband and I’s 40th birthdays both fall this year – and we decided if we didn’t do it this year we’d never do it. Looking back on the stunning photos and ever more rose-tinged memories it’s easy to completely forget the cramped motorhome arguments, stressful flights and terrifying weather and spiders… And dream of doing it all over again… Enjoyed your post!

  4. Circus Queen says:

    It looks like we’re going to have a holiday at home this year. We are broke broke. But we’re still determined that it will be a holiday. So I guess for us a holiday is getting outdoors, eating good food and generally taking it easy together. And we can do that from home.

    1. wildwear says:

      Sometimes the holidays that are spend at home are more successful. I think having to be a bit more imaginative with what you can do leads to better adventures.

      I think back to when we were kids, and the amount of different free activities that my parents invented for us was, in hindsight, amazing!

      We were quite put out if the same event happened two weeks in a row, so my folks worked really hard to give us a varied, outdoor, explorer life, but it gave us the most amazing memories.

      As long as the “grown-ups” are together, the kids will always look back on memories that are are bigger, better and larger than life!!

  5. This sounds great, I hope to go on holiday soon x

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