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June 06, 2012

A Bit Of An Outdoors “To-Do”.

A few months ago, I read a brilliant report from the National Trust entitled “50 things to do before you are 11 and three quarters”.  If you get the opportunity,  please take a look. It’s great, and what was even better was that my daughter has done 31 out of the 50 things listed. How amazing is that! I was so pleased to see the wide variety of her experiences, at only 6 years old.

This got me thinking. Why limit yourself to things to “do before you’re 11 and 3 quarters”. I started to create a list of things for adults to do. I’m not putting any age limit to it, as why limit one’s experiences into a paticular age bracket.

So, let’s say, “20 things to do over the next year”. What follows is a list of activities and experiences that appeal to me. It should be adapted to suit your own wishes desires, and I’d love to hear about your individual lists and personal achievements thus far.

But, back to my suggestions……

1: Listen to the rain, while tucked up in a tent.

2: Try gorge walking.

3: Run a sporting event for charity.

4: Stand on a surf board, (no specified length of time).

5: Light an open fire, (again, no specified length of time).

6: Support a local wilderness/outdoor project.

7: Photograph and frame your favourite outdoor memory.

8: Cook on an open fire, and eat “al fresco”.

9: Take a wild swim.

10: Navigate from A to B. (This could be…. “read a road map while your partner’s driving).

11: Find your “peace” of nature.

12: Travel in any type of self-powered boat, (no specified distance).

13: Make something “arty and crafty” with nature.

14: Explore, but let your young ones lead the way.

15: Skim stones across flat water.

16: Enjoy a pub lunch next to an open fire, after a long, windy walk.

17: Visit a farmers market, and pay a bit more for something produced with extra special care and attention.

18: Research rock pooling, (or your closest waterway), – you’ll love it.

19: Challenge your fear.

20: Tell the world of your success, by posting a photograph, (or sharing a memory), of you completing any one thing from your list.

I wanted to include experiences that can be done as an individual, or enjoyed with your partner and children. I’ve also suggested experiences that are, (in some ways), easy and can be done without fear. But I wanted to propose others that require a little more effort and will push the envelope a bit further.

I would love for people to join in and formulate their own list of 20 grown-up things to do over the coming year. Enjoy….. and be sure share your experiences with us!!!