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Keeping It Under Wraps.

We all probably have something in our jobs that we dislike, but know we must endure it, in order to get the job done. Last week, one of those issues arose for me.

Delivered to my place of work was a lovely new wetsuit from Circle One, ready for the summer’s aquatic activities. I guess I’ll be wearing it most days, based on the weather to date!

 As I unwrapped it from its’ packaging, I had to chuckle slightly at how my “ladies” wetsuit had lovely flowers and bits of pink on it, while my male colleague’s wetsuit had no pattern and was completely black in colour. Upon further reflection it’s a shame, really, he might have looked good in pink!

But as wetsuits go, it’s brilliant. It fitted perfectly in all the right places and it really made a huge difference by having a woman’s wetsuit, rather than a “stock” one from the store cupboard. On my first gorge walk in my nice new Circle One, I held my breath and jumped into the first pool of freezing cold water. I have to say that the sudden chill didn’t really effect me for more than a minute and I stayed lovely and warm as the day went on.

Now, back to the bits in work that we dislike.

In work, we have often discussed how you cannot hide anything in a wetsuit. They’re not like magic knickers that suck everything in; in fact wetsuits are quite the opposite. Wet suits cling to everything and hide nothing. So, to get around this problem of seeing the real me in a wetsuit, I have 2 rules that I always stick to. At no time, and in no way, do I ever have my photograph taken. I’m normally the first to grab the camera before we embark upon the trip, so that I can be the “taker” of the photos and not the subject.

Secondly, I avoid mirrors at all costs. Easy enough, you might think, as where will you find a full length mirror in the outdoors? But what I mean, is avoid catching your reflection in the mini bus/car window, rockpools and so-on.

By sticking to my 2 rules, it means that I can be happy when I’m pulling on my lovely, new wetsuit and, equally, I can be happy and comfortable doing my job, in blissful ignorance of how I THINK I look.

 My question for you, kind reader, is what aspect of your life exposes your least-liked side or role…. and what do you do to get through it??