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Hooray for a Snow Day!

So, I have to talk about it …. the snow. All we’d heard on weather reports all week was how we were all going to be snowed in and to be prepared. But, the night before seemed that the show of snow was not possible. My husband didn’t think it was cold enough, Mum kept looking up at the sky and saying that no snow was coming…. because normally the sky is full of it!?! And even during that week, we travelled for over an hour from Cardiff and ended up in Brecon to take children sledging, because we didn’t think the snow would materialise.

But how wrong could we be…..

At 6 o’clock we woke up to a very snowy Cardiff. Overnight, while we slept soundly in our beds, a huge wintery transformation had occurred. Everything was completely covered in snow.  The extra special treat was that it was my daughters 7th birthday, too. A birthday and a snow day; how amazing.

After jumping up and down on my bed and running around the house at full speed, my daughter threw on as many clothes as she could find and threw herself out in the snow. It was joyful to see how happy she was with just a simple change in the weather.

With school cancelled, we organised the family troops to find a new sledge (I was amazed to find huge stacks available in ‘Go Outdoors’) and we hurried to find the very nearest hill.

We spent hours running up and down the hill, throwing snowballs and making snow angels. Also, you get to talk to more new people in your community, because the rush of getting to work, doing the school run and a myriad of other things that have to be done, all stopped because of the snow.

It was such a lovely way to spend the day. I think it’s the fact that not having to do a  hundred things in one day, just like every other day, is kind of forced upon you. You have no choice but to forget your long list of errands and, therfore,  just enjoy the time you get to spend with your family. That’s why our family loves, values and needs a snow day evrery once in a while.