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We found snow!!!

We’ve just returned from an amazing walk up Pen Y Fan! The best part was that we had snow at the top of the mountain!

My daughter has been watching the news reports, praying that we might get some snow in Wales. As we drove around bend in the road to Storey Arms in Brecon, she let out a huge squeal as she could see snow on the top of Pen Y Fan!!

We met some friends who’d never walked up Pen Y Fan, so it was very special to be able to take them up, in these beautiful conditions.


The start of our walk was slow and steady, but everyone was so in awe of the clear blue skies and beautiful walking conditions of the day.

As we got to Corn Ddu, (the first peak), the layers and extra jumpers went on as the wind picked up. The girls were still determined to reach the top.

After taking it slowly and steadily on the uphill path, (due to the ice), the girls had smiles when they saw the top of the mountain, and the crowds of people milling around waiting for their picture to be taken.


After a brief stop for a lunch of the “ever popular” chicken noodle soup, we posed for our ” summit picture”.


Over to Corn Ddu and down the rocky path, we started our descent with lots of happy chatter. We were all full of the Christmas feeling due to the weather, and the fact that we were, at last, out in the snow!!

It was a lovely day out, and it’s made the Christmas holidays a little bit more special for us.




Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Learning for Life

My Sunday Photo


Our view from Corn Ddu, looking along the ridge towards Pen Y Fan.

Our first snowy day!


Adventures when the winter weather sets in.

My daughter has had a few sessions at a local indoor climbing centre and every time she has always come away wanting to book in another session, so as the cold weather sets in, indoor climbing is a great way of getting children active and engaged with a really fun and adventurous activity.

Recently we met a few friends at Boulder to give the girls an active Sunday morning of climbing. The girls had a go at the practice wall, trying to move around the corner without falling off and then we played some good team games where they had to work together to balance on the wall and start thinking about hand holds and the shapes of their bodies.


After the warm up and a quick drink, they were ready to hit the wall. The girls were great in waiting turns, helping and encouraging each other with where to go and always giving each other high fives and confidence boosts when someone would complete their climb. It was lovely to see and us Mums didn’t have to encourage this, we all agreed how naturally it came from the girls.

They tried different walls and challenges and never gave up, always trying to reach a bit higher each time. They also had challenges of tieing themselves into their harnesses and remembering their ‘figure of eight knot’, all useful skills for future climbing sessions.


The best thing however wasn’t how high they climbed or the quickest climb but was how the girls acted with each other. It was a brilliant team activity and normally that doesn’t happen in a climbing session as climbing can be a bit of an individual activity or sport. The girls {and Mums} had a lovely time and we’re currently thinking of starting our own climbing club with hoodies and motivating mottos!

So when the weather makes it hard for our usual outdoor adventures indoor climbing is a great way to introduce elements of risk taking, exercise, team work, confidence building and best of all fun!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Learning for Life