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February 09, 2015

365 Project Week 6

A bit of a quiet week this week, doesn’t hurt once in a while……


32: A quiet Sunday but with lots of planning for the future. Exciting things happening this year!

33: A lovely day in work teaching parents from a local school Heart Start first aid skills. Heart Start was created by the British Heart Foundation and is a brilliant course teaching simple first aid skills for all ages.

34: We have lots of new groups in work so its been a week of indoor climbing which is lovely as the weather is very, very cold. It also means I can have a lovely caramel latte from the little cafe, a little treat.

35: A team challenge of cooking on camping stoves, bit of an outdoor Masterchef. Spicy chilli noodles with veggies. Very delicious and filling. A big success.

36: While my group were having lunch I managed to get some climbing in while at our local climbing wall. The young people are always much better than me.

37: My daughter had some friends over after school and my husband found these in Asda. It’s a sign of the times when instead of potatoe letters we have potatoe hashtags now!

38: My daughter loves Chatterboxes and she gets me to make them all the time. As she is learning about Space in school we did a Space theme Chatterbox with fun facts inside.

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8 thoughts on “365 Project Week 6

  1. Sounds like a reasonable week Kim. I’m glad you managed to get a bit of climbing in and as it’s perishing outside I’m glad it was a wall you climbed.
    The kids could have had fun over tea explaining all the symbols to me. I’ve heard of hashtags of course but haven’t the foggiest idea what they are or what you do with them.
    I like the things you call chatterboxes, I remember those from being quite young, but not under that name.
    My heating has gone down and I’m freezing here, I sound like a demented typewriter.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. kim says:

      Hi David, my daughter understood the hashtags straight away. It shows us how children learn {much better than me}.
      Indoor climbing has been great and much nicer than the freezing cold weather outside.
      I hope you can get your heating sorted, it always seems to play up when you need it the most!
      Keep warm amd well,

    1. kim says:

      Thank you, I am enjoying the 365 project. Its a good way of taking lots of photographs.

  2. Mashtags, that’s hilarious! Definitely a sign of the times 🙂 I would love a quiet week!

    1. kim says:

      Hi, I thought the Hashtags were brilliant but a sign of the times we live in.

  3. I used to love those chatterbox games when I was little. I fear you’re right with regards to the potato mashtags!

    1. kim says:

      My daughter loves making chatterbox’s, so easy and dont really cost anything!
      I didn’t let out a little groan with the potato hashtags. Sign of the times.

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