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August 23, 2015

My Sunday Photo


We recently had a chance to learn about our wonderful and interesting Welsh mining history at Big Pit National Coal Museum.

It’s an amazing place, where you get to dress up like a miner or, (as our miner-guide called our group), ‘Mini Miners!’ and then go underground and explore the coal mines.

It’s a really brilliant place to learn about our history, and entry with the underground tour is completely free.

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10 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo

  1. OneDad3Girls says:

    This place sounds like so much fun, I’d love to give this a go

    Thank you for linking up

    1. kim says:

      Hi, thank you. A real good find and great place for families.

  2. Such a sweet smile =) #mysundayphoto

    1. kim says:

      Thank you, lucky to get a quick photo from my daughter sometimes!

  3. Mae says:

    That sounds amazing. I got to tour a silver mine when I was in the Czech Republic. Lots of fun.

    1. kim says:

      That sounds like fun, I was amazed how interesting my daughter found it. The guides who were ex miners really made the tour interesting.

  4. Mini Miners! Oh this looks like a fab little day out, I would have LOVED this as a kid; hope you all had lots of fun! Ray xx

    1. kim says:

      Hi. We all such such an interesting day out. Great to find a place where we can go as a family and learn about Welsh history. Brilliant place for children to learn and do something interesting.

  5. Oh, that sounds really interesting! She looks like she’s ready for it 🙂

    1. kim says:

      Hi, it was such a fab day out and wonderful to learn about Welsh history at the same time!

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