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August 31, 2015

Outdoor Things To Do Around Cardiff – For Free

As we all know, days out can be a very expensive for families trying to entertain the children, so it’s wonderful when a family are able to have a day out that only costs the price of a picnic and an ice cream!

Amelia Trust Farm is a working farm in the Vale of Glamorgan, where children can explore and discover the countryside, and also experience what a working farm is all about. A very special part of Amelia Trust is that it provides an environment where disadvantaged young people can work with skilled staff and volunteers on the farm in an outdoor education setting.

We were very lucky to visit on a lovely sunny day and, as soon as we arrived, the children were immediately off to the play area. The great layout of the play area means that we could find a picnic bench, sit down and unload the bags, while watching the children’s safety as they climbed over the tractor and slid down the slide.

It was soon time for lunch, and it was lovely to enjoy your own picnic food in a wide open space, sitting in the sunshine.

With full tummies, we wandered off to spot the farm animals as we went along and all the children loved the freedom to run ahead of us, leading the way. The piglet trail is always a firm favourite, as it leads to the wooded area. My nephews enjoyed hiding behind trees, waiting to jump out at us. Their screams of ‘BOO’ could be heard a long way away!


The next walk was to the pond, at the furthest point of the farm. It’s a good track for pushchairs for little ones, and not too far or up-hill. Just before the pond is my daughter’s favourite bit, which is a little obstacle course made from simple wooden planks, but they played on it for ages. Balance beams, a wobbly plank and stepping stones make for a fun challenge, that they just wanted to go on again and again. It’s a very simple, but effective, outdoor adventure course.

The children eventually arrived at the pond, and loved sitting watching the ducks. They made quacking noises, and then tried jumping back and forth over a little stream feeding into the pond. Inevitably, it ended with her falling in, and getting covered with mud. I always use old trainers for these types of walks, and the poor old washing machine always gets a work-out after these muddy adventures!


We headed back, as time was coming to an end and we had promised the children an ice cream in the on-site cafe. For a great day out in Cardiff, Amelia Trust Farm is such a great place to visit for an inexpensive, educational day out.

All in all, a brilliant day out that doesn’t break the bank!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

6 thoughts on “Outdoor Things To Do Around Cardiff – For Free

  1. What a wonderful, helpful way of getting children involved in something they might not otherwise see. Their parents may be happy to be shown somewhere different to take them and more importantly these days, somewhere not too expensive. It seems your little group managed to have a great time even if your daughter did manage to fall in.
    Well done Kim.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. kim says:

      Hi David,
      We have so many wonderful places in Cardiff, especially outdoor places. It was lovely to let the children run free and play. My daughter always finds the maddest path to take!
      Take care,

  2. Sherry says:

    Outdoor obstacle courses are so much fun! I haven’t been to Cardiff for about 6 years now and to be honest I only saw the city centre at night! #CountryKids

    1. kim says:

      Hi, I think we’re so lucky in Cardiff to have so so much outdoor places to visit. It’s such a wonderful place to visit, right up my daughters street. Wide open spaces and lots of mud!

  3. Coombe Mill says:

    Amelia Trust Farm looks like a great place to spend the day as a family, there’s always so much for you to see and do around the grounds. It’s great that you can go and enjoy your picnic in view of the play area so the kids can stop and eat as they see the need, giving you some time to relax and watch them play. My lot love the simple wooden adventure courses places like this have too, it’s great to see that they’re firm favourites with you all too. If they’ve not ended up muddy kids don’t really think they’ve had an adventure as far as I’m aware. Thanks for linking up your adventures with me on Country Kids.

    1. kim says:

      Hi, it’s such a wonderful place and makes it easy to have a lovely day. It has everything we need for a great adventurous outdoor day out. Coming home without muddy shoes would be strange for us! Thank goodness we always keep spare clothes and shoes in the car. It’s needed with my daughter!

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