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April 02, 2017

A Bike Ride Around Cardiff Bay.

The weather is still a bit miserable.

Sometimes warm, but mainly very cold and wet, and we’re missing the sunshine so much. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I really wanted to get outside in the fresh air, so we decided to wrap up warm, brave the cold and go for a bike ride along the Cardiff Bay Trail.

It’s a great route which can be used for cyclists and walkers, and is about 10km/6.2 miles long. It goes through Cardiff Bay and Penarth, and the best thing is that it passes some lovely coffee shops and restaurants along the route.

The first twenty minutes were a real push, with the cold wind stinging our cheeks. When we reached the Bay Barrage we knew that we should press on with determination, as there was the promise of a hot chocolate and a sweet treat half way around.

The Bay Barrage is a great, wide-open space for little cyclists, as you don’t feel that you might ride into other people. There are also walkers, joggers and cyclists alike, and the path is very well designed to accommodate all activities.

I am enjoying myself, even if the face doesn’t say so…..

The path takes you past a great sand park offering fun for kids of all ages. There’s an outdoor exercise space and a skate park, so there’s something for all ages and abilities to help to make the most of your day.

As it was a bit cold, we rode straight on until we got to a local bakery where we enjoyed a hot sausage roll and a warming cup of homemade soup. Just what we needed! After a short break, we were ready for the final part of the trail.

Wrapping up warm and getting ready to brave the cold…..

The route takes you into the Wetlands Reserve, where you can see a wide range of birds living in the reedy marshland. It’s a lovely part of the trail and a beautiful little spot hidden away in Cardiff Bay and was created in 2002 when the barrage was completed. The reserve is an important site for over-wintering and breeding birds and is a good spot for birdwatchers who come to see the rare birds. It is a great location to enjoy wildlife and the views across the Bay.

Taking in the sights along the way…..

It was getting late, and we spotted a very dark cloud looming up behind us. We decided to cut the ride short and head for home. With lots of break-off trails built into the route, it’s good to have the option of cutting a ride short, especially with little ones or, (as in our case), with bad weather setting in.

We soon arrived back at home feeling a bit cold, but very happy that we’d made the effort to get outside.

Country Kids

6 thoughts on “A Bike Ride Around Cardiff Bay.

  1. Looks like you guys had fun in spite of the gloom. My son went biking today (while I follow him around) and we needed that time outside to have fresh air as well. #countrykids

    1. kim says:

      Hi, it was so lovely, and we really enjoyed being outdoors. I can’t wait for perfect weather in Wales, otherwise you would end up being inside for most the year!

  2. I love going cycling, it is a great chance to be active with children and it makes the bakery stops feel well earned! I remember seeing a lovely trail down past the University when I was visiting Ally there, I wonder if this is the same one? I was all for hopping on his bike and taking off, it looked so pretty. Cycling can be chilly with the wind racing past, but it does make sure you don’t hang about, thank you for sharing your adventure and lovely photos with me on #CountryKids

    1. kim says:

      Hi, I do miss cycling in the winter months and it was so nice to get out, finally. It probably was the same cycle route, as it runs through most of Cardif. It’s a good route, with a lot to keep your interest along the way.

  3. Sonia Cave says:

    This looks like a lovely cycle route especially with all the refreshment stops along the way! #countrykidsfun

    1. kim says:

      Yes, having refreshments on route is always a good idea, especially for my daughter!

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