Wild Family Fun

Tales of living, working and enjoying life in the outdoors


My job as an Outdoor Pursuits Worker is a job I enjoy and love and has given me lots of wonderful opportunity and experiences.

I adore the outdoors as it influences my hobby of photography. As I get older I find myself turning to the environment to get inspiration and want to capture the beauty of nature.

Also my daughter loves being in the outdoors. I have a beautiful and lively little girl who wants to experience everything the outdoor has to offer. I discovered the outdoors late in my life so I want my daughter to have the chance to try everything from a young age and hopefully develop a hidden talent. I am passionate about her having a childhood rich in outdoor fun and experiences and it allows to spend time together as a family.

I do love living in Wales. For an outdoor loving family we have the mountains, the woodlands and forests and of course the beautiful coast. Everything I need for adventures!