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Canvas Prints – A Review

I was recently asked to review a canvas by The Canvas Prints.

Their website is very clear and easy to use, and can be found at www.thecanvasprints.co.uk

They provide an easy, step by step guide so that you’re able to create your own unique and individual special canvas. They offer a good range of various styles of canvases, with a description of each one, which helps you to choose just the right canvas for you.

Another useful tool is that you can upload an image using social media sites, making it an easy and quick way of using a very recent photographic image. I do take a lot of photographs. I love capturing the moment and rarely take a ‘posed’ shot. This is mainly because my daughter won’t stand still long enough for the shot, and also because I feel that you get more of a memory from a realistic, action shot.

When I sent my first choice of image to The Canvas Prints people, they advised me that I should consider choosing a different image, as my chosen image was not suitable to transfer to canvas. I thought that this was very professional and thoughtful, it meant that I wasn’t wasting money or being let down by a poor quality canvas print, and that my second choice of image would be a better finish when transfered to canvas.

It was lovely to sort through our photographs, bringing back lots of memories of our adventures, and I eventually chose an image from a recent camping weekend. I found a beautiful shot taken of my daughter at the harbour near our campsite, just before she jumped off the harbour wall and straight into the sea below.

The resulting canvas is fabulous.

I have seen some canvases where the finish looks a bit waxy, however the colours of the whole image stand out so clearly and the detailing is very crisp. I can pick out individual colours and elements of the picture, which highlight the quality of the canvas. This is a beautiful way of displaying a lovely picture, taken at one of our favourite places that we love to return to. It brings back memories of fun times, each time we look at the picture.

I think displaying pictures on canvas is a lovely and very special way of sharing memories, and I would highly recommend The Canvas Prints, as they offer a very professional and individual way of creating your own personal canvas.

Our lovely canvas brightening up our living room.

I was sent a canvas to review. My opinions are my own, are unbaised and honest.