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My Little Adventurer

My daughter really does amaze me with her love of the outdoors.

I feel so blessed to be able to develop her interest and love of outdoor adventures, starting at such a young age. It’s been fantastic for myself and my husband to watch her grow, gain confidence and find her own unique personality, all because of the experiences she’s had by taking part in her outdoor activities.

A good example of this is our adventure at Cardiff White Water Centre, recently.

I had to do some weekend work at Cardiff White Water Centre, and decided to make the very most of the day. When I finished my work, my husband and daughter met me at the Centre. We all changed into wetsuits and safety gear, ready for an afternoon of padding on the flat pool. It was my daughter’s first time in a kayak, and I was so nervous. I’d had a few bad experiences in a kayak while on a river (albeit in fast water) and it put me off for a bit, but I was very keen for my daughter to experience kayaking.

My husband stood in the water alongside us for those first wobbly moments. We handed my daughter a paddle, sat her in a boat and launched into the water,

She had a few nervous wobbles to start with, but after a few gentle hints, pointers and some light coaching, she got better by each stroke.

The biggest challenge was to see if she would be comfortable tipping out of her kayak and into the water. It’s a good exercise as it helps to build confidence and takes away the fear, by creating an understanding that you’ll just pop out of the boat if it should tip.

I don’t know I was worrying about, as my little water-baby threw herself into the water and emerged giggling, asking if she could do it again, again, again!


We had a gorgeous afternoon, improving her paddling techniques, playing games and tipping our boats, so that we could cool off in the water.


I was one proud Mum watching my daughter on the water, and she enjoyed herself so much that she has joined a local paddling club.


She’s started her journey; from tadpole to water-baby to an outdoor-active adventurer!!

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