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Half-term Outdoor Fun

Half-term holidays are great for my work, as the children we deliver activities to have all day to be in the outdoors with us.

We can have longer outdoor activities and adventures, and so we decided to use a whole day of Forest Schools activities for our group on the Monday of the half-term. We use a local woodlands near to Cardiff so; along with my daughter, my sister joined us with her two boys, who were all so excited to take part.

We donned our wellies and waterproofs, (ready for the mud and the puddles), and carried our equipment to our little hide-away area at Cosmeston Lakes near Penarth. The first priority was to build a shelter as it was due to rain, and it’s always good to have a “dry” area for bags, equipment and lunch.

We had a variety of activities planned, and the children loved having the ability to choose what they wanted to play with. They loved having wild freedom and soon dumped their bags and were off playing in mixed groups.

We made tree monsters from clay, made dens from tarpaulins and string, hunted for a variety of bugs, (observing how and where they lived), made bows and arrows, waded up the nearby stream, (splashing each other along the way), made a make-shift swing with a rope and two trees, and toasted marshmallows with the fire from our Kelly Kettle. It was great to see how the generational gap was filled, as all the children and adults played together.


New friends were made and hands got dirty and everyone had so much fun.

We were all disappointed when it was time to go. It was a fantastic start to the holidays, and my sister said she was amazed that (apart from her packed lunch) the day didn’t cost her a penny and her boys had the best day ever.

So much so that they wanted to join us on our next activity the following day!!


I really do enjoy our Forest School days. Everyone involved has so much fun, and it’s a great excuse for me to eat lots of toasted marshmallows!


A muddy, wet forest…… what’s not to love ??!!

{Sadly I am unable to post images of the children I work with, all images are of my daughter and my nephews from todays adventures.}

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Learning for Life

A Lovely Sunday Afternoon.

It feels like we’ve had nothing but rain lately, and everyone’s feeling like they have cabin fever. Getting outside isn’t easy, and play activities are being constantly changed due to the continual wet and miserable weather.

My friend and I had arranged to meet up one Sunday, recently, and we made a vow to go outside, whatever the weather. We both agreed that the children just needed to get out and have a “blow-through”. To make the day nicer, she’d very kindly offered to make us a full, and very delicious Sunday roast, which is one of my daughters absolute favourites. It’s mine too, especially because of the bread sauce! This would give us lots of energy, and warmth in our bodies, to help us make more effort and get outside.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to blue skies and not a dark cloud in sight. It was a miracle, and I noticed how much my mood had changed because we had the windows open and a view of the clear day.

After an amazing roast dinner, (with second helping, of course), we pulled on our wellies and headed up to the forest and mountain areas of Caerphilly. Caerphilly has great walks, and all within a very close distance. This makes it so much easier to find the motivation to go for an afternoon walk.

My daughter and her best friend led the way, stomping along muddy paths, navigating through the brambles and finding good sticks to beat back the hedges to make our walk-ways clear. We got stuck in mud, made fantastic, squelching noises, and it just felt great to be outside and enjoying the good weather.

We were all very happy.


After finally completing the up-hill part of the walk, we came out onto a lovely open space, where the girls ran off and instantly enjoyed their freedom.

They were outside!


We two mum’s were able to sit back and relax, chat and catch up. The girls ran around, explored and wore themselves out. It was so lovely to see, and felt like we hadn’t seen them so free for ages. We didn’t have any shops, toys or other distractions. The girls just had an open space, and they were in their element.

After time spent at the top of the hill, we took a slow walk down a muddy slope, being very careful not to slide the whole way down! The girls took their own paths in the wooded area until they reached the really steep bits, when they edged back towards us as they needed our help.

After mastering the slippery slope, we reached the bottom and found a field with some horses. The girls loved ripping up the grass and testing their confidence feeding the animals behind the fence. As their confidence grew they would take it in turns to step into the field, taking longer strides and feeling very brave.

But as soon as a horse would move, they would quickly run back behind the safety of the gate.


As the afternoon came to a close we headed back, a little worn out but all with smiley faces. Such a lovely and easy afternoon spend with good friends, especially one who makes a mean Sunday roast!

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A colourful season

I adore this time of year.

The variety of colours that nature offers up. The crisp feeling in the air during early morning. Going on a windy walk all wrapped up, but looking forward to the bliss of getting in, and cuddling up on the sofa with a steaming mug of something hot.

This time of year really inspires me to get out my camera and capture an Autumn feeling within the shot. I favour close-up shots, (to me, they’re a must), but I find there’s such a huge range of inspiration to be found in the diverse textures, colours and weather variations offered by the outdoors in the months before winter really sets in.

It’s also a fantastic time to explore the outdoors with children. Together, we look for leaves with beautiful colours on display, hunt for conkers and get great  delight in wearing wellies and stamping in muddy puddles.

Very simple – a child friendly activity, but one that brings out the inner-kid in all of us.

So, I want to share just a few Autumn pictures which I’ve captured recently.


tree soften2


These are just a few of the many photographs I have taken, and just a fraction of the amazing and beautiful things I’ve observed over the last few weeks.

So, in our family, the hats, winter coats, gloves and scarves are on and we get to enjoy my most favourite season of the year.