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Encouraging Wildlife In Nature

Recently, my daughter had the opportunity to make her own ‘Bug Hotel’. This is a great activity, that encourages animals and wildlife to live in your garden. A Bug Hotel can attract a variety of insects and other creatures, and help to develop the bio-diversity of your garden.

All the materials needed were very basic. They included a piece of pipe, some dried out leaves, twigs and sticks etc, (all of which can be found in any garden or hedge), and some old newspaper. Beetles, centipedes, spiders and woodlice all love to live in the decaying wood and bark.


My daughter filled the pipe with the natural materials and newspaper, then bound it all together. It was such a quick and simple activity, and was suitable for all ages. The younger children were getting encouragement from parents, and the older children were really focusing on the design of their hotel.


Once completed, the hotel needed to be placed into a dark and cool area of our garden. We decided to place it by the corner of the shed near to the trampoline, as it would offer much-needed shade, and is away from the ‘traffic’ of the garden.


We have to leave the hotel for a few weeks, and then we can investigate and look to see if any tiny animals or insects have “checked-in” to stay.

This was a wonderfully engaging activity, and something we can return to and monitor throughout the summer holidays. My daughter intends to make keep a scrapbook about her hotel, to share with her class when she returns to school.

We’ll keep you posted, so watch this space !!


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