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Country Kids by my Country Kid

A very special Country Kids this week. My daughter has seen me type away and has looked at adventures posted on Country Kids, the special part comes from this Country Kids post will be that it is written by my daughter. She asked me if she could do one, I havent edited it, the pictures are taken by my daughter and I will admit that after reading I had tears in my eyes.

So here goes…….

Hello. I went to the forest with my Mum, on a lovely sunny day. I heard some bees buzzing, the wind blowing and the leaves crunching .I like the forest because it has beautiful sounds, colourful flowers and adventurous things to do. The forest was called Rudry, it was very close to where I live.
Me, my Mum and my Dad love the outdoors. We love the outdoors because we get to spend time as a family and there is no technology getting in the way. I think that being in the outdoors is healthy and gives us a chance to so some exercise.  

I love climbing trees, its my favourite. I love it as my Mum and Dad never say no to me climbing trees. It’s nice because they know I can do it. Sometimes my Dad looks scared when I climb high but he is always there to catch me.

My Mum’s job is exploring and going on adventures. She takes lots of children who haven’t been to a beach or a forest before. I know I am very lucky because I get to go all the time.

I took lots of photographs in the forest, the bluebells were my favourite.

I love being outdoors, I love exploring and going on adventures. I love spending time outdoors with my exploring family.







I loved letting her write this post, so great to get her thoughts on why we go outdoors as a family. It makes our family adventures seem even more important.

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